A Day in the Life

27 May

10 things that happened to me today:

1. Got called fat and skinny by two different people in matter of minutes. And was asked why I have acne.

2. Finished the final stove in a 35-stove project. Success!

3. Helped birth a piglet. Ok, fine, I stood next to my neighbor while she stuck her entire hand up a pig’s vagina and while trying to free the piglet, ripped off his snout. Needless to say no one survived, 😦 except my neighbor of course, and I will no longer be a pork eater.

4. Saw two kids kick a dog. Asked them to stop, they looked at me and kicked her again. Fail.

5. Started a garden project with my youth!

6. Gave advice to my campo best friend who just started a secret relationship with an older married man. I also got him to donate 45 bags of cement to my latrine project. Does this mean I am an accomplice to his infidelity?

7. Updated my resume. America, see you in four months!

8. Got gifted 10 mangos of the best variety. Yup, making salsa tonight 🙂

9. Finished the 40th book that I’ve read in country. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. Must read for all my female friends but recommended for everyone!

10. Broke into my piggy bank that I’ve used as a savings count during my service. 22 months and I’ve managed to save 725 pesos or the equivalent of $16. SB2K15, here I come!



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